Hot Desk

Hot Desking is a term that became popularised in the 1990's, and is also known as location independent working. Basically, workers are not assigned a particular desk, but rather multiple workers share a workstation during different time periods. The cost reduction through save savings is up to 30% in some cases.

This type of arrangement is typically suited to businesses that don't necessarily require all staff to be in the office at the same time (e.g. organisations with lots of salestaff, or shift-based businesses). Another reason for hot desking may be businesses that only require staff to be present for key meetings and conferences. Hot Desk is also great for large scale businesses that want to promote more collaboration between its various departments and can be used as an encouragement for people to meet and socialise with more different people from within the company.

We have hot desk plans to suit any business. Hire by the day or have a permanent desk - you choose.

Book a hot desk today by choosing one of our hot desk packages or book a desk for a day on our booking system


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Our wonderful meeting  room  is now available to the public. This creative and inspiring space is available to hire by the hour, half day or whole day. The space comes with a 50" presentation monitor, WiFi, and a whiteboard plus complimentary tea and coffee. If you want your meeting catered we have relationships with some of the tastier places in town, however we are also happy for you to cater your meeting yourself. 

Call now to come for a visit or book online HERE

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